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Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting

Many people dream of having a pool on their property, especially those who live in warm climates. But how many of those who have a pool think about how to properly light it? Pool lighting is as important as any other aspect of owning a pool. Just as you clean the pool and add chemicals to clean the water, you have to install and maintain your pool lighting. A pool with enough lights is both safer and more enjoyable than a poorly lit one. There are many options for lighting your pool, including different styles. What type of lighting you use depends in part on the pool itself. Some pools have lights built into the sides, creating an underwater glow. This effect can be changed with the use of colored covers for underwater pool lights. These simple plastic covers slip over the bulb and are available in a variety of colors.

If your pool does not have underwater lights, though, you should still have outside pool lighting. Your style of pool lighting can be as simple as post lights on fence posts or the outside of your house. More decorative-minded people might want to string lights around the pool on posts, or use sconce lights under benches around the pool. Many people will opt for some outside lights in addition to the underwater pool lights. Whatever type of lighting you use, it should be adequate to ensure that anyone near the pool will see it. No one wants to host a party at night and have a guest accidentally stumble in the pool because of inadequate pool lighting.

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