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Home Lighting

Home Lighting

Anyone has owned a home knows that there are hundreds of decisions to make about furnishing your home. You have to make decisions on everything from painting and furniture to dishes and linens. One area that may get lost in the process is home lighting. Despite the fact that we spend most of our time at home when it is dark, many people do not think about how to adequately light their homes. Most everyone probably thinks about interior home lighting, having enough lamps and replacing burned out light bulbs inside. But how many people consider exterior home lighting? Making sure you have enough lights on the outside of your house is just as important, if not more so, as having enough lights inside. Exterior lighting, such as accent, sconce, and spot lights can create dramatic effect at night. Landscaping lighting in your gardens and along pathways can also give your house some flair after dark.

Home lighting is not only about aesthetics. Having enough lights on can protect your house from burglary. A house with plenty of lights on, both interior and exterior, is less likely to broken into than a house with few lights. And with advances in fluorescent and LED lighting, a high energy bill is less of a concern. Using these types of light bulbs in place of regular bulbs in exterior lighting can help lower energy bills while still creating enough light to protect your home. Deciding what type of home lighting to use can be difficult, but with a little thought it can greatly enhance the appearance of your home.

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