Landscape Lighting
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F.A.Q. About Landscape Lighting

Perhaps the most common frequently asked question (FAQ) is about the number of volts a lighting fixture uses. There are two options concerning voltage, twelve or 120. Which type you use depends on a number of factors. Twelve volt landscape lighting uses less electricity, meaning these fixtures can be smaller and better fit into a landscape, and the lighting effect more controlled. They can be installed by the average person and plugged into an existing light socket, while 120 volt landscape lighting needs to installed by an electrician. Because of the higher voltage, the wiring for 120 volt lighting must be buried underground and insulated against moisture; if the wire gets wet there is a risk of electric shock. It creates more light, but this can be an advantage depending on your purpose: a 120 volt spotlight would provide ample light for security purposes. For those who want lights to beautify their home, twelve volt lighting or energy-efficient LED lighting is sufficient. LED lights provide the same amount of light as twelve volt lighting, but use less energy and last longer.

Once you have decided what voltage of landscape lighting to use, you still have to decide what styles of lighting to use. 120 volt lighting will require larger fixtures, so these lights are likely to be post, accent or spot lights, which can be installed on fencing, the side of your house, or on the ground. Being smaller and less noticeable, twelve volt lighting fixtures can be placed almost anywhere along paths, in gardens to highlight plants, or as accent lights on decks. Price is also a concern when it comes to choosing fixtures; 120 is more expensive as it requires an electrician, LED lighting costs more initially but will save you money over the long run, and some styles of twelve volt lighting fixtures can be very expensive. There are also very affordable options, so that anyone, regardless of budget and taste, can find landscape lighting that is perfect for their home.

When it comes to installing landscape lighting, most people will have a lot of questions. There are so many options as far as types of landscape lighting, styles, and even the voltage of the lighting, that people may become discouraged. But by knowing the answers to a few frequently asked questions, you can choose the lighting that is right for your home.

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